Napoleonic French Infantry Battalion – 582 men

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This product contains models of six Napoleonic French infantry companies in Heroic 2mm scale, typical of those that fought for France during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Each company contains 97 men in three ranks, plus officers and NCOs. The models stand shoulder to shoulder, scaling to an exact 18 inch frontage per man. Officers and NCOs are included, and are located in their proper location for battle.

Use this product in conjunction with the Napoleonic French Brigade Command Pack to create an accurate model of a French battalion. The Napoleonic French Skirmish Pack can also be used with this model to create an accurate representation of tactical skirmishing.

A battalion of French infantry contained nine companies before 1808 and six companies after 1808. The basic company model included in this product can be used to model either pre-1808 or post-1808 companies, by using more or less companies in the battalion. The number of men in a battalion could vary considerably during campaigns due to casualties, exhaustion, and illness. The 97 figures in this model represent an average strength company.

This model is provided unpainted.

Each of the six company models is 34mm wide and 12mm deep.