Macedonian Phalangites

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This model contains six bases of Macedonian phalangites along with their pike in Heroic 2mm scale. These models will allow you to recreate the famous phalanx formation used by Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Successor States.

The phalanx was not a single, unified unit but a deployment of many smaller sub-units. The basic unit was the syntagmata, which was composed of 256 men arrayed 16 files wide and 16 files deep. This model shows the men of the syntagmata standing shoulder-to-shoulder on an eighteen inch frontage, but with files open to a meter. There are two models included in this product: the forward eight ranks and the rear eight ranks. The forward model contains extra space in front of the troops where you can show the model with leveled pikes, while the extended base protects the pike from being damaged during game play. The rear eight ranks contain three file closers who job it was to help maintain the integrity of the formation.

Six syntagmata made up a taxi of 1,536 men. The taxi was the building block of the Macedonian phalanx, which would often total tens of thousands of men. These would be deployed in a series of taxi.

Although the phalanx was a more rigid formation than the Roman centuries that finally bested it in warfare, it was not as inflexible as it might at first seem. The last eight ranks of a syntagmata were themselves a sub-unit, and could be peeled off to expand the frontage of the larger formation. This could only be done by sacrificing depth, however. 

This model requires some assembly and is provided unpainted.

Each piece in this product is 18mm wide and 40mm deep. When deployed the pieces are placed three wide and two deep, for a total width (or frontage) of 48mm, and a total depth of 80mm. This formation can be seen in the pictures of the product.