Napoleonic All-Nations Cavalry Regiment – 352 men and horse

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This product contains eight scale models of cavalry companies from the Napoleonic era. Each individual base contains forty-four men and horse plus officers and NCOs. Two companies of cavalry formed a squadron, which was the basic tactial unit of cavalry during the Napoleonic wars for most nations. Cavalry regiments were often, but not always, comprised of four squadrons. A notable exception were the Austrians, who organized their cavalry into large regiments that rivaled the size of other nations' cavalry brigades.

The tactics and formations of cavalry units in the Napoleonic Wars were in large part standardized across the various warring nations. As such this generic model can be used for most Napoleonic cavalry regiments  As with any military formation, casualties, exhaustion and illness could reduce the number of men considerably. The 44 men in this model represents a typical-sized unit during the wars. 

Use this model in conjunction with the Napoleonic Cavalry Command Pack to create a complete model of a Napoleonic cavalry regiment. 

This model can be converted to a lancer unit by using the soon-to-be-released Napoleonic All-Nations Cavalry Regiment Lance Booster. This same add-on can be used to add swords instead of lances (see the Booster's instructions for more details on how to do this).

This model is provided unpainted.

Each of the eight pieces in this product are 46mm wide and 25mm deep.