Napoleonic British Infantry Brigade Command Pack

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There are sufficient models in this pack to provide headquarters personnel for three Napoleonic British infantry battalions and a brigade headquarters. Use these models in conjunction with product H2N-02 to create an accurate model of a Napoleonic era British infantry battalion in Heroic 2mm scale.

Included in this pack:

3 X Battalion fanion guards.

3 X Stands of battalion drummers, each with ten men (two per company, grouped together for combat).

3 X Stands of battalion pioneers, each with ten men and a corporal.

3 X Battalion commanders on horse back.

1 X Brigade commander base with conferring generals, aides de camp, and horse holders.

1 X Regimental Band of ten drummers, twenty-six horns, and a drum major.

A high-detail booster pack is forthcoming that can be used to add plumes and musical instruments to the regimental band.

This model is provided unpainted.