Roman Marian Centuries - Cohorts 2-10- Basic Formation

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This product contains six Roman centuries reflecting the Marian reforms of the late 2d Century BC, in Heroic 2mm scale. The title "century" evokes a unit of one hundred men, but in reality a fifth of the century were non-combatant servants and support personnel, resulting in a combat unit of only eighty men. The Roman century was a flexible unit that could take on many tactical formations; here we show it in a simple formation sixteen files broad and five ranks deep. 

Six centuries made up a cohort of 480 men. A legion was comprised of ten cohorts, with the prestigious First Cohort being comprised of five double-strength centuries, for a total of 800 men. 

The models in this product can be used to create the smaller, 80 man centuries that made up cohorts 2-10. A model of the double strength centuries of the First Cohort will be released in the near future.

Use the included weapon sprue to add pilum by gluing the entire strip in place to the left hand side of each legionnaire. Allow the glue to dry completely and then snip the sprue free, leaving the pilum in place.

This model requires some assembly. Check out the "how to" page for step-by-step instructions for assembling your Roman legionaries.

Each base is 32mm wide and 20mm deep.